Storyboards and Film

Lesson 1:

Storyboarding is an important part in establishing any film, video, animation or even games. The idea is to portray the key points that feature in the film in a way that tells the story in all of its detail.

This includes the different filming angles and techniques to be used, a short written description of what is happening in the frame and basic or complex drawings or pictures that portray the frame.

Lesson 2:

Some important terms to remember….

Storyboard: A storyboard is an important phase in planning a story and refining an idea so that all consideration for necessary narrative and angles are ready for actually shooting.

Script: The written narrative of a play or film/story. It is the pre-planned copy of what will take place.

Draft Animatic: A preliminary animation of a story consisting of drawings or images of the key frames of the story.

Equipment/Prop List: The prop list is a record of all the required equipment in order to carry out the filming as intended in the script.

Wardrobe list: The list of wearable props that will fit with the narrative defined in the script and storyboard.

Production Schedule/ Timeline: The planned time for each section of preparation, filming and finalising that allows the project to be completed timeously. A sheet issued to cast and crew to show what times they are required to be on set.

An example storyboard I made…

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