The Escape-Stop Frame

We received a rather interesting brief where we had to create a story, storyboard it, script it, make a photo montage and add our own recorded sounds to it. Naturally with my love for animation I decided to tackle the most difficult thing I could, stop frame animation. With basically no knowledge of stop frame animation techniques I began to plan what I would do, first beginning with a rough storyboard of what I saw in my mind. It would be a story of a piece of Prestik coming to life and Escaping the clutches of a human household.


I then drew up a rough script that allowed me to refine the story and iron out the kinks within the concept. Once the script was done I could start focusing on the actual details and I ran through the animation in my mind, making all the sounds that I believed would be associated within the animation. As a result, I ended up with a list of 53+ items that I needed to record and I set off with my sound recording equipment and recorded it into Adobe Audition.

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I pulled the images together in Adobe After Effects after giving up on trying to use Photoshop to do so. I managed to export the video file into Adobe Premiere Pro and added in the sounds that were already in a correct order and numbered accordingly.

The result was a stop frame animation I am very proud of that is about 2:10 long, at about 2 frames per second with its own sounds recorded all by me.

Check out my new stop frame animation, The Escape, over here!

I hope you enjoy it!


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