So I figured(especially considering I have a brief that recommends me to do so in like two days) I would post some images of previous renders whilst I first started learning how to use Cinema 4D as well as odd renders for briefs etc.

So my first render ever was a scene of a grass plain. It took me about a day to get to the final render and then I got bored and gave up. Here is a bit of a comparison of the evolution of the scene from first mockup render to actual final render.

First Render
Final Render

As you can see there was a pretty intense evolution just by tinkering with various settings, playing with sky objects, horizons, lighting, lens flares, hair simulators and materials. This render gave me a lot of basic knowledge and a good jump start to where I am now.

After this I experimented with elements such as reflection and creating Motext objects. This came in the form of very simple text renders…


*Note the tearing on “Ladybird” to measure my level of noobness in the program.

After this I began playing with surface deformers and follow a cool tutorial that helped me get poly deformation in surfaces.


After this I started dwelling into cloth simulators, gravity objects and displacement deformers. Check out the video to see the small animation of a falling cloth object of a mapped Earth. I decided to give a water effect at the bottom, however, it went a bit funny and turned into a pretty cool space-wormhole thing instead… I don’t understand it myself but I’ll roll with it!

—>Cloth Simulation<—

I then started working with a cool plugin that allows me to create the effect of breaking objects and simulate it.


(Thank goodness for GIFs man)

In learning all these techniques I tried to create an interesting scene and incorporate my Uncle’s 4×4 shop name in it(just to throw in some purpose for once). This was a very good task as it really gave me an opportunity to throw everything together and test what I had learnt. It took somewhere around 3 hours I think(excluding render time).

—->Williams 4×4<—

From there, there have been a few odd renders between for short briefs and fun but I’ll post that in another post! Thanks for the read.



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