A New Journey

Today is a big day because today marks the halfway point in a goal that I have had for the entire year. This goal has been to be able to make interactive models that people can engage with using Cinema 4D and Unreal Engine.

Although a seemingly small feat, in my journey for interactivity, what I have achieved today was a very big step. I imported my first test model from Cinema 4D into Unreal Engine 4 successfully. Not only that but I managed to establish a testing platform to test my renders on my phone/android after milestones. I have given myself quite a few months to become proficient with C4D but now begins the transition to Unreal Engine and the bridge of errors that will follow the gap. Here is just a screen shot of what I got right.

New Picture (3)
C4D View
New Picture (2)
Unreal Engine View

This is just a small milestone in a very big pile of progress ahead!


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