Sound-Mountain Man Experienc

I jumped the gun a little and decided to add sound in to my game sooner than I anticipated. It took me ages to figure out what seems to be a rather simple task. When a player enters a region(inside the house) the ambient volume must turn down.

With very little to no help from Google, here is how I did it…

I figured out that a sound “process” should consist of five separate things:

1-The wav(not mp3) audio file that is dragged into the content browser

2- The sound cue, created from the wav file

3-A sound class, that acts as a redirect essentially

4-Two sound mixers, which allows you to modify a sound(Volume higher, volume lower)

5-The level blueprint where everything is programmed from

After importing the file and creating the sound cue, within the settings I set the sound class for the cue to the sound class I had created(not the master). Then I created a node process simply going from the song, to the sound class and then to the output. This process is important to understand the scheme of things because the sound class acts as a filter to change the sound.

In the sound class I added the sound mix as a passive parameter for the class.(Although I’m pretty sure this step is pointless)

I modified each sound mixer to both have the class as the one I created except one had a higher volume and pitch and the other had the latter. With this setup I was able to program the point where the player entered the room(using a trigger) and created an event which would load an event class or unload it out of the space.

The Sound Cue
Sound Class Setting
Sound Mix Setting
Trigger Box

Among this, today I have virtually set up the entire environment, excluding some trees and foliage which I will do tonight as well.

It will be finished tomorrow!!!!



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