The Long Haul-Mountain Man Experience

What’s up! I’ve been having tremendous amounts of trouble but have also ascended a rather steep learning curve over these past few days regarding Unreal Engine. Here’s what I’ve done so far..

I began importing the car into Unreal Engine and found out that it doesn’t quite agree with the model I made and didn’t render one of the faces.Capture.PNG

So I decided to save time and place the car behind the cabin as I in a parking spot. It’s not ideal but believe it or not the car took an age to make and I’d prefer to spend time on learning within Unreal Engine for the purpose of this project.

I continued and decided to work on creating my own grass for the engine. This was surprisingly simple until the point where I had to work with the node editor for the first time. Essentially it is a great feature as it avoids the need to know a specific programming knowledge but is actually like learning a language of its own.meshmaterialnodesgrass

From that point I worked with painting textures onto the landscape which happens to be the most difficult obstacle I have encountered thus far actually. land1node2

The main difficulty was to get the correct parameters for the node editor to render out the texture but I managed to make do with what I could, lending settings from starter content materials and mixing it into my own material.

Most recently and today I have been importing the assets I made, playing with lighting, time of day, volumetric fog and even adding water. lightinglighting2water

From this point there is still a lot to be done but it is great to see it all coming together. I plan to finish the terrain and importing the pre-made models today. From there tomorrow will be adding final models, sound and adjusting the character appropriately for the application and then rendering out the apk tomorrow evening.

Thanks for reading!



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