Mountain Man Experience

So I cooked, built and packaged the game and it works! I built it for windows 32 bit first and I am happy with the result. I think it may lag slightly on lower end machines though but that will be compatibility that I will sort out at a later stage. From the last time I checked in I added a bunch of different sounds that are played at different triggers all over the map.

One thing that I have learnt is to MAKE SURE YOU NAME THE PROJECT CORRECTLY FROM THE START! This is because once you have named it,  it cannot be changed afterwards. As a result, my project now renders out as Blank1.exe which is not very ideal. This is okay on computer because I can simply change the .exe name, however, on android this permits to the entire install…. Which is not exactly aesthetically appealing. The purpose of this project was to learn more and to expand on the knowledge I have already though, which I have definitely done.

I will upload the Alpha builds(for Windows and Android) to drop box shortly so you can download them. Please note that I have no intention of making money from the application as it was a purely personal development project!


You’ll just have to bare with “Blank1” as the name of the game!


*Edit: I managed to rebuild the game with the name “Mountain_Man_Experience” for version 2. You’ll be able to find it as so on he apps page now.



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