A Craft Project-8 Bit Gandalf

Hello There!

So it’s 2018 and I haven’t been updating my blog during my vacation time so here is a bit of an update.

Recently I have been tremendously inspired by short films, the process of creating it and submerging oneself into the entire world that can be created. Some particular influences have been The Fox and the Whale , David Armsby’s Films and the Blender Animation Studio’s Cosmos Laundromat project. I would love to try improve my skills in this field this year and would be interested to see how I can improve in my drawing capabilities to achieve this.

I downloaded an educational version of Maya 2018 and will also be working in that improving my skills this year too.

Among this, I have been working on my personal duo website on the side. The most difficult and time consuming part is getting everything to be efficiently responsive for many different devices. Here is how far I have gotten of late.

The North and SouthI will keep working on it, introducing new skills into the website as I learn them this year.

My latest crafting projecting is a big 8-bit character that I created as a class project. I decided to make Gandalf . I first designed it in Illustrator and then printed it out…Gandulf.png

Then once printed out I simply counted the necessary amount of blocks and painted them the colours they needed to be. I then stuck them together with contact adhesive and placed them onto a page, which helped keep them together as well!



It’s not perfect but it’s still pretty cool I must admit. The name of the game is put it onto the wall at my university to spruce things up, along with all the other 2nd and 3rd year 8-bit characters. I’ll upload another picture when it’s all up!


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