Today’s Creative 31/05

Here’s a quick creative for today made in Cinema 4D inspired by the theme “Man in the Mirror”. I finally learnt hot to put the right shader for a light so that its actually a bit see through. It turned out to be pretty simple! Check it out. That’s all! Thanks for reading:) Advertisements

Creatives 17-21 May

Heyo! So here are some creative things that I’ve been up to lately. I wrote and recorded a song for Poison City that was all about my experience as a Durbanite and how somehow I always ended up drifting my way back to Durban city. Creative- 17th May Although not quite creatives, I documented … More Creatives 17-21 May


Hello there! This weekend I had to stick with relatively quick renders as I had a lot of other things to do but here are the creatives. The first, “Fight the Machine” drew some inspiration from my environmentalism lectures where we have been covering the discourse of nature, industrialization and anthropocentric environmentalism. The render was … More Creatives

Wave-Creative Daily

Wavey was another “learning render” I did in order to start experimenting with incorporating the sky into the scene and therefore the reflection as a result. It was also an experiment to play with the way elements bend and combining this as a result. As you can see in the reflection, the addition of an … More Wave-Creative Daily

Creatives Daily

Seriously, this time I mean it… I’m going to try do a piece every day… Reading this and looking at the context of my previous posts you’re probably thinking that this guy is quite the procrastinator. Well, yes… I am… but either way I suppose its the thought that counts and I’m trying really hard … More Creatives Daily