Creatives 15-17th May

Hey There!

So this previous week has been pretty epic  and I haven’t had a moment to post but here is the 15th-17th’s creative daily’s(I’ll be posting separately for each day so its not too much to digest in one post).

On the 15th we had a Design Jam challenge for a client that wanted to beef up their social media with some interesting stories. So I teamed up with two other multimedia students and we set off to take some photos to document a journey on a cloudy day in Durban. Then we decided that, well, we are were multimedia students so what better way to bring the life out of Durban by putting life into still images. So with the keen use of Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Cinema 4D and a great deal of time(you’d be surprised) I made a collection of my own moving images that just added a little spinaz to the still photos. Simply but fun and cool…



I did this by removing the animals in Photoshop, then image tracing the animals from the images and manually correcting the points in Illustrator and then finally bringing the background and the animals into After Effects. I then made use of the puppet tool to warp the monkey  bodies to animate in a way that gave it a bit of life.

Unfortunately the render for this one came out a little slower than I would have liked which makes it a little bit laborious to watch…


This one was uber simple. Just making use of a masked shape layer in After Effects to show the writing. The interesting part is always getting the letters separate from the background…



This one was certainly a challenge but a well welcome one nonetheless. I first had to Photoshop the sign out of the initial background image and then fill in the space behind the sign accurately by cutting, copying and healing parts of the image. I then brought the background as well as the original image into Cinema 4D and tried to best match up the the sign board with a cube that I shaped and angled in Cinema 4D. Angling was only half of it as trying to accurately angle the HDR image so that there was a realistic enough environment reflection actually proved the most challenging. Somewhere along the line I managed to completely mess up the proportions of the sign and thus you get the difference that is rather noticeable in the images above.

For the future I now know to be mindful of render frame rate for GIFs, ensure the colour is correct when colouring an object in Cinema 4D and make sure proportions are correct(check, double check, triple check)…

Thanks for reading!


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