A Bit About Me


I am Tyler Di Domenico, a multimedia designer from Durban, South Africa. I have a rather peculiar form of love for pretty much anything digital and pride myself on learning anything I fancy with pretty freakish dedication. I am studying a degree in Creative Brand Communications at Vega-School of Brand Leadership and I hope to be able to use my degree to animate incredible things, advance my career in music(a little more on that later) and make a tangible difference in the world!

Whilst growing up, the Boy Scouts movement was a big part of who I am today as it shaped what I believe in, a lot of what I know and who I want to be moving forward. Naturally, of course, we spent a lot of time in the mountains and hence my self-proclaimed studio name, Mountain Man, came to life. Mountain Man is very much an extension of me as a person and as someone that I would like to be. It is my identity in two words really…

Among multimedia design I am also a musician.  I use a looping pedal to layer sounds on top of each other creating an atmosphere somewhat resembling that of a one man band . I suppose you could call me a loop pedal artist with a love for the blues, folk and indie. I enjoy inspiring others to pursue their desires for their arts as I, myself, am doing. If you’d like to see what my music is made of, check out The North and South or Tyler D’s.

I especially enjoy 3D animation and creating interactive elements that keep people engaged. I eat chocolate, love surfing and embrace the beautiful lifestyle that South Africa has to offer.


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