Last night I decided to tinker a little more with morphers and lighting. Check it out! I tried to play around with VRay renderer but that failed so I’m going to try a session that just plays with VRay. Until next time!

A New Journey

Today is a big day because today marks the halfway point in a goal that I have had for the entire year. This goal has been to be able to make interactive models that people can engage with using Cinema 4D and Unreal Engine. Although a seemingly small feat, in my journey for interactivity, what … More A New Journey

Skyline-Cinema 4D

Last night I finished a still render of a concept art-like game idea inspired by Bioshock Infinite I have called Skyline. The idea is that it’s an open-world game where the player is a futuristic robot that lives in a small town called Skyline… Oh and did I mention that the town is floating in the … More Skyline-Cinema 4D

The Inbetween Renders

Here are a few random and quick renders that I have made in between surviving, performing and working. Enjoy! That’s it for now although I have a lot of ongoing projects in 3D that I am working on that will hopefully be ready pretty soon. Thanks reading!


So I figured(especially considering I have a brief that recommends me to do so in like two days) I would post some images of previous renders whilst I first started learning how to use Cinema 4D as well as odd renders for briefs etc. So my first render ever was a scene of a grass … More The BIG CURVE

Kinetic Typography

What’s Up! Here is a short kinetic typography sample I did for a song called “Closer” by Kings of Leon that I did a while back and have only uploaded it now. It’s been a while since I’ve worked with After Effects so it was very refreshing to try something new again. Check it out: … More Kinetic Typography