Creatives Daily

Seriously, this time I mean it… I’m going to try do a piece every day… Reading this and looking at the context of my previous posts you’re probably thinking that this guy is quite the procrastinator. Well, yes… I am… but either way I suppose its the thought that counts and I’m trying really hard … More Creatives Daily


So I figured(especially considering I have a brief that recommends me to do so in like two days) I would post some images of previous renders whilst I first started learning how to use Cinema 4D as well as odd renders for briefs etc. So my first render ever was a scene of a grass … More The BIG CURVE

Kinetic Typography

What’s Up! Here is a short kinetic typography sample I did for a song called “Closer” by Kings of Leon that I did a while back and have only uploaded it now. It’s been a while since I’ve worked with After Effects so it was very refreshing to try something new again. Check it out: … More Kinetic Typography

Ambient Occlusion

Today I learnt something. I have been wondering and speculating what the term “ambient occlusion” means for ages and I finally found out, so I figured I’d share. Ambient Occlusion is a method that calculates how light should be shining(and reflecting) off of a surface whilst taking into account the environment around it. Essentially it … More Ambient Occlusion

Character Rigging

I attempted to create a character rig in a different way, using a predefined “character” tool in C4D. Unfortunately I had a lot of distorting when actually attempting to animate it but I think its good progress. A little weight editing would more than likely fix the problem so I’ll have a gander at it … More Character Rigging

The Secret of Kells

Last night I watched an inspiring movie in terms of animation. The movie is called The Secret of Kells and is an incredible combination of layering and 2D animation to create an unusually created movie. Check out the trailer o get an idea of what I’m talking about. Trailer Here I wouldn’t mind trying my … More The Secret of Kells

Creatives Daily-C4D

Here is a render that took way too long but was interesting in dwelling into further detail like global illumination and ambient occlusion.  Displacement was the key new factor in this creation, namely, sub-surface displacement.   Thanks for the read!