Mountain Man Experience Release(Final Execution)

Hey guys. So here are the releases for Android, Windows(32 bit) and Windows(64 bit). Please excuse slow and laggy performance on Android but it is still a work in progress! Please make sure you get Winrar to unzip the folders. Android(ETC 1) Windows(32 Bit) Windows(64 Bit) (If in doubt, choose 32 bit) Thanks for your time … More Mountain Man Experience Release(Final Execution)


Last night I decided to tinker a little more with morphers and lighting. Check it out! I tried to play around with VRay renderer but that failed so I’m going to try a session that just plays with VRay. Until next time!

A New Journey

Today is a big day because today marks the halfway point in a goal that I have had for the entire year. This goal has been to be able to make interactive models that people can engage with using Cinema 4D and Unreal Engine. Although a seemingly small feat, in my journey for interactivity, what … More A New Journey

Skyline-Cinema 4D

Last night I finished a still render of a concept art-like game idea inspired by Bioshock Infinite I have called Skyline. The idea is that it’s an open-world game where the player is a futuristic robot that lives in a small town called Skyline… Oh and did I mention that the town is floating in the … More Skyline-Cinema 4D