A New Journey

Today is a big day because today marks the halfway point in a goal that I have had for the entire year. This goal has been to be able to make interactive models that people can engage with using Cinema 4D and Unreal Engine. Although a seemingly small feat, in my journey for interactivity, what … More A New Journey

Skyline-Cinema 4D

Last night I finished a still render of a concept art-like game idea inspired by Bioshock Infinite I have called Skyline. The idea is that it’s an open-world game where the player is a futuristic robot that lives in a small town called Skyline… Oh and did I mention that the town is floating in the … More Skyline-Cinema 4D

Ambient Occlusion

Today I learnt something. I have been wondering and speculating what the term “ambient occlusion” means for ages and I finally found out, so I figured I’d share. Ambient Occlusion is a method that calculates how light should be shining(and reflecting) off of a surface whilst taking into account the environment around it. Essentially it … More Ambient Occlusion


Heyo Folks! I recently came across a game called Firewatch that was created in Unity that I have found very captivating and inspiring. you can check it out here. The very thought of conceptualizing something and creating is is a process I find very exciting. So…… I decided to start learning how to do exactly … More Firewatch