Creatives 17-21 May

Heyo! So here are some creative things that I’ve been up to lately. I wrote and recorded a song for Poison City that was all about my experience as a Durbanite and how somehow I always ended up drifting my way back to Durban city. Creative- 17th May Although not quite creatives, I documented … More Creatives 17-21 May

Music Video

So I’ve been really busy working on other projects but here is a little ongoing project that I will be doing for the next 6 weeks… I recorded a cover of me playing Bastille’s-Pompeii and I would like to find a way to incorporate 3D  into this and make it interesting. I hope you … More Music Video

A Music Video

So as a second craft project I had to complete a music video for a song that I wrote called Not Long To Go. My main focus was on sound, lighting and placement of different shots as well as actually being in the video itself. Here is a bit of a video that  shows that … More A Music Video

A music video

What’s up! So I’ve been admittedly scarce due to the workload lately but here is what’s been happening: I collaborated with Juan van Rooyen and Sarah Jane Heath to produce my first music video. I primarily focused on the sound, lighting and planning of shots as I myself had to be in the shots but here … More A music video