23/05-Cinema 4D

Today, I made a thing… With Cinema 4D… It took about 3 hours to render all the displacement and subdivisions, kinda worth it though… I think. The idea was to focus on form and so I made a chair. From there I went crazy with space monsters because why not. Here it is. Thanks for … More 23/05-Cinema 4D

Ambient Occlusion

Today I learnt something. I have been wondering and speculating what the term “ambient occlusion” means for ages and I finally found out, so I figured I’d share. Ambient Occlusion is a method that calculates how light should be shining(and reflecting) off of a surface whilst taking into account the environment around it. Essentially it … More Ambient Occlusion


Heyo Folks! I recently came across a game called Firewatch that was created in Unity that I have found very captivating and inspiring. you can check it out here. The very thought of conceptualizing something and creating is is a process I find very exciting. So…… I decided to start learning how to do exactly … More Firewatch

Edwin Rhemrev

Hello fellow homies! For a while now I have been influenced by particular individuals to the point where I want to go out and do something crazy cool like them. Initially I fail….dismally… but I suppose failure is all a part of the learning process. One of these said artists is Edwin Rhemrev. His works … More Edwin Rhemrev

Character Rigging

I attempted to create a character rig in a different way, using a predefined “character” tool in C4D. Unfortunately I had a lot of distorting when actually attempting to animate it but I think its good progress. A little weight editing would more than likely fix the problem so I’ll have a gander at it … More Character Rigging

Here’s a thing on responsive web….

Read it. Be informed. Stay frosty.   Responsive web design Ethan Marcotte first defined the term “responsive design” and is still surprised at the reception the concept has had. (Marcotte, 2017) Responsive web designs and adaptive web designs are similar in the sense that their appearance changes along with the size of the screen. They … More Here’s a thing on responsive web….

The Secret of Kells

Last night I watched an inspiring movie in terms of animation. The movie is called The Secret of Kells and is an incredible combination of layering and 2D animation to create an unusually created movie. Check out the trailer o get an idea of what I’m talking about. Trailer Here I wouldn’t mind trying my … More The Secret of Kells

Goo Create!

Today I have embarked on what could possibly be the most interesting thing to me recently. Thanks to the inspiration and help of a good friend, Gary, I have been introduced to an easy to use online platform that solves my endeavors to achieve 3D online, Goo Create. The sight is a much easier visual form … More Goo Create!

Creatives Daily-C4D

Here is a render that took way too long but was interesting in dwelling into further detail like global illumination and ambient occlusion.  Displacement was the key new factor in this creation, namely, sub-surface displacement.   Thanks for the read!