Portfolio 2017-The Beginning

Hello there. I have begun a new journey, for a new project, that involves me creating my first proper portfolio.

Now, before I begin I think it may be necessary to recap on what I’ve been up to in the past….

In the beginning of my first year of studying I was oblivious to the influencers that would have such a big impact on me. Over the year I experimented and sought to find my niche as a multimedia designer. You can see my unedited first year website where I showcased a lot of my experimentation here. The website show the beginning of a long journey to being who I am today. (So you’ll have to excuse the lack of knowledge i had at the time)

By the end of the year I developed a list of key influencers that would help define where I am now and, as a result of an end of year project, I created a 2 dimensional game(download it here) that reflected what I believed was the most influential factors affecting me.

From this point I began to grasp my greater interest in interactivity and how I could make an experience more immersible. I began to play around with 3 dimensional animating and modeling, influenced by a visit to PostBoxx studio and a 3D artist named Beeple.

From this point you can start to piece together my love for 3D and interactivity to the point where I actually made a 3D game and app most recently. The important part I will explain a bit later…



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